It just doesn’t make sense for the manufacturer to recommend a product in which they have no financial stake. This is especially true when the product extends the life of refrigeration equipment. The manufacturer of equipment is in business to sell a product that will need replacement at a given time. Cold-Plus extends the life of the refrigeration unit disrupting the manufacturer’s sales cycle. It pushes the replacement “sale” out into the future.

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 10% to 30%, depending on the age of the unit and number of hours in service. Fuel savings for start/stop mode refrigeration units are between $1,500 to $3,500 annually
  • Only one treatment is required for the life of the unit.
  • Extends equipment life of compressor and motor by 20% – 25%.
  • Reduces carbon footprint by eliminating, on average, up to 3 tons of CO2 (per unit) annually.
  • Improves nucleation, removes oil fouling, provides improved efficiency.
  • Protects seals and bearings.
  • Increases the lubricity of all internal parts.
  • Lowers maintenance cost.

Most of the transport refrigeration equipment in service is out of the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. Cold-Plus is manufactured by Solid Start, Inc., Lakeland, Florida. Solid Start has effectively eliminated any consumer risk by combining a corporate guarantee with product liability insurance with an AM Best A++ rated insurance company, the highest rating given. The customer is named as “Additional Insured” on the insurance certificate. Solid Start has replaced the manufacturer’s short-term interim protection with long-term protection against damages directly attributable to the refrigeration equipment by Cold-Plus — for the life of the system.

a. Most manufacturers will issue a letter to customers stating, “the use of Cold-Plus will not void the warranty unless it can be determined that use of the product is the cause of compressor or system damage”. Solid Start will work with the customer to obtain this letter from the equipment manufacturer. If the manufacturer chooses not to issue the letter the customer is still protected.
b. The manufacturer of Cold-Plus guarantees to pay for the repair of any equipment, including parts & labor, if it is shown that Cold-Plus caused any damage or loss.
c. Solid Start and your Cold-Plus distributor maintain product liability coverage that offers further protection. This combined coverage is typically more than adequate to meet any need.
d. There have been over 20,000 installations of Cold-Plus without a single warranty claim.
In summary, all risk factors have been removed, allowing customers to enjoy the full benefits of Cold-Plus with no financial exposure.

The warranty covers the cost of the compressor, the labor to install the compressor and the expense of shipping the compressor. It exceeds any transport refrigeration compressor warranty on the market. To view our Transport Refrigeration Warranty, click here.  

In transport refrigeration units operating in a start / stop mode Cold-Plus provides a ROI in three to nine months, depending on the age of the unit and the number of hours in service. This one-time treatment generates a significant multiple return on the initial investment over the life of the system.

Cold Plus is effective for the “system life.” Following oil fouling’s removal, submicron polymer particles fuse into the metal surface of all interior metal parts of the system. The new finish is inert and remains pristine and free of oil fouling for the life of the system. Also, inert suspended polymers act as nuclei to enhance pool boiling for the life of the system.

Once removed, the oil-fouling layer permanently returns to the oil in circulation through emulsification.

All other marketplace competitors are Stage 1 products that reverse oil fouling in the system in the short term. Cold-Plus has advanced patent pending formulations which, after the initial introduction takes place, permanently embeds in the pores of the metal and fuses, bonding to the friction-bearing parts of the compressor and inner walls of the thermal transfer tubing carrying the refrigerant and compressor oil.

The fused molecules are now in an inert state in which nothing can chemically react or adhere to the new surface. Oil fouling at this point is no longer possible. As the oil molecules attempt to re-establish their adhesion, they are smoothly channeled back into the system. Cold-Plus formulations are the only product line which permanently prevents the re-introduction of oil fouling that impedes the refrigeration system operation.

The Cold-Plus Stage 2 difference also includes other inert polymers acting as nuclei to enhance pool boiling and thus thermodynamics – both heat and cold transfer.

Cold-Plus is not a temporary solution or an additive. Cold-Plus is a treatment. It is a 100% active ingredient molecular compound formulation that works in synergy with the refrigerant and compressor oil to restore optimal heat transfer of the system without adulterating waxes, toxic chlorine, or acid derivatives.

Some technologies use toxic and corrosive cleaning agents. Over time, oil fouling returns and the system becomes less efficient. The patent-pending Cold-Plus formula not only cleans, but also permanently fuses to all interior metal parts of the system, thereby providing life-of-system service.

Although there have been many attempts over the years to engineer energy effective additives, only recently has the true “Two-Stage” formulation of Cold-Plus been developed, successfully tested, and made available to the commercial refrigeration industry. Refrigeration manufacturers resist the introduction of Cold-Plus in their equipment as it extends the life of the treated units and disrupts their sales cycle. There have been numerous real-world transport refrigeration tests conducted and they have proven Cold-Plus to be safe and highly effective at reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of the refrigeration unit and the motor.

The cost of a Cold-Plus treatment varies with the geographic location and the number of transport refrigeration units being treated. Generally, the price is less than two tanks of fuel for a semi-tractor rig, which provides for a ROI of three to nine months, depending on the age of the refrigeration unit and the number of hours of service.

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